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Commander Anakah Lance

Name Anakah Lance

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Vulcan
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 165
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Anakah Lance stands slightly taller than average height with an athletic build. Thanks to her Vulcan father, she has slightly pointed ears, and an olive complexion.


Spouse Jessica Turnbull - Deceased
Children None
Father Kyr
Mother Dana Lance

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite her half-Vulcan background, Anakah tends to be upbeat and optimistic. As a leader, she always strives to bring out the best in those who report to her. She has an infectious laugh, and a good sense of humor.
Hobbies & Interests Backpacking/hiking, Snowboarding, Guitar

Personal History Born to Kyr and Dana Lance, Anakah started her life on Vulcan. Dana found she struggled with what she came to call emotional monotony with Kyr, and felt she wanted more passion than he could provide. She left Vulcan when Anakah was only a year and a half old, heading back to Earth. Anakah's mother never hid Anakah's Vulcan heritage from her, but nor did she encourage or help Anakah learn more about it. In fact, she often discouraged it given how happy and go-lucky Anakah tended to be as a child.

The happy, go-lucky attitude stuck with Anakah through adolescence and into adulthood. The positive attitude served her well when she went to the Academy, where she focused her studies on Navigation. After leaving the Academy, Anakah was assigned to the Science vessel USS Tempest as a Helm officer. As the newest Helm officer on the Tempest, Anakah was initially posted to Gamma shift, and served along side Tactical Officer Jessica Turnbull.

Jessica and Anakah became fast friends and spent much of their free time together. Jessica was the one who decided to take a chance and asked Anakah to go on a date. It wasn't anything fancy. . .a simple picnic dinner at the beach, but it was a deserted beach on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific ocean on a night of a full moon. The Tactical Officer won Anakah's heart that night.

The two women moved up the ranks aboard the Tempest, moving from Gamma shift, to Beta, and eventually Alpha shift with each of them becoming the heads of their respective departments. Two years into their relationship, Anakah asked for leave for both of them, and recreated their first date on the same deserted beach. As the two were laying back watching the stars, and listening to waves crash on the sandy beach, Anakah held up a diamond ring and asked Jess to marry her. The pair were wed two months later.

Just over a year after their wedding, Turnbull was offered the Executive Officer position aboard the USS Endeavor. Anakah encouraged her to take the posting, though there was no room for a new CHelm. The two served on separate ships for nearly two years before Anakah was able to join the crew of the Endeavor as CHelm. There, the pair were quite careful with the division of their working relationship versus their personal relationship. It was an arrangement Anakah would have insisted on, but made more important given concerns some had about a married couple serving aboard the same ship with one of the couple being the XO. The pair were (for the most part) nothing but professional.

The Endeavor was sent on a mission to investigate a distress signal coming from a remote Federation colony. When the Endeavor arrived, a fierce ion storm was raging on the planet. Uncertain of how long the storm would last, the Captain suggested an away team take a shuttle to the surface. As Chief Helm, Anakah would pilot any shuttles for away missions, and she was a more than capable pilot. Jessica was in charge of the away mission and put together a party of three security officers, two medical officers, herself and Anakah.

The ion storm showed no signs of letting up, and Anakah knew it would be a challenge getting the shuttle down in one piece. She was a strong pilot, and needed all of her skills at helm to navigate the turbulent currents. Despite her skill, the shuttle was hit by an ion discharge, taking out inertial dampeners and attitude controls. The shuttle started to tumble, and Anakah fought to regain control. Unfortunately, it was a losing battle, and the shuttle crash landed on the planet's surface. One medical officer and one security officer were killed on impact. Both Jessica and Anakah suffered severe, life threatening injuries. The chief medical officer did what he could to stabilize them.

Six hours later, the storm cleared up, and the crew of the shuttle were transported back to the Endeavour. Jessica succumbed to her injuries, but Anakah eventually made a full recovery. After her wife's funeral, Anakah was granted leave and headed back to Earth. A month and a half later, as her leave was coming to an end, Anakah received new orders and a new rank. She was due to report to the Earth Spacedock the following day as a full commander where she would learn about her next assignment. She had no idea what ship, but she did know she'd be the First Officer.