The Sim

Named for the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt, the USS Artemis is an Akira-II tactical carrier. As a border patrol vessel, she is made to be a tactical vessel rather than a diplomatic or science vessel. She does not carry any sort of civilian contingent or crew families.

Bridge Crew
Commanding Officer
Executive Officer
Chief Helm Officer & Assistants
Chief of Strategic Operations & Assistants (*This role combines the duties of Operations and Tactical.)

Sciences Crew
Chief Medical Officer & Assistants
Counselor (This department does not have assistants.)
Science Officer (This department does not have assistants.)

Chief Engineer & Assistants

Chief Security Officer & Assistants

Flight Deck
Wing Commander
Squadron Commander, Rangers
Squadron Commander, Sirens
Squadron Commander, Furies
Ground Crew

Marine Detachment
Marine Commander
Squad Leader, Alpha
Squad Leader, Bravo
Squad Leader, Charlie